Passive fire protection system



Piro Acrylic Sealant AC120

Piro Foam PF240

Piro Multitube PM


PiroCoat A

PiroCoat I

Piro Collar PC

Piro Wrap PW



Preconstruction Planning

We care about our clients from the beginning. We help you solve your problems from the moment while you planning the investment.

We are helpful in the selection of fire protection solutions and outlining the demand for even the most complex objects.

Hundreds of protected objects 

The roots of the Pirosystem company go back many years. Since then, high-quality pastes, paints, foams, acrylics, collars and fire retardant bands have been produced at the production plant in Wiślina near Gdansk. Many satisfied customers are our best business card.

Complex fire protection solutions

Penetration seals in walls and floors. Pipes, cables, cable trays, linear joints and gaps. Up to EI 180.
All with technical approvals, certifications, many tests and under the special supervision of production. Highest quality at a suprising price.


Pirosystem Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of fire protective products. Many years of experience in fire-proofing products and great knowledge of the industry, allows us to indicate the most beneficial technical solutions and optimize the costs of securing the entire facility.

Our idea, which we are constantly deepening  is to develop COMPREHENSIVE FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM.
First of all, providing the client with a whole set of fireproof protection products that will be able to protect all the culverts, structural joints, main constructions and etc. required by law. For this purpose, we have developed and implemented for sale fireproof paints, pastes, swelling tapes, collars and wraps.








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Head Office

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